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  • This is a software house.

    Our mission is to support your business.

    We know, that properly chosen software solutions will increase business performance and multiply profits.

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    • Who are we?

      12-persons synchronised team of software developers. We think creatively. We design, develop and deploy mobile and web applications. We develop customized solutions, define needs. Everything is done to increase the efficiency of your company.

    • Our direction?

      We want to deliver satisfying results to the customer. We want to be your partners. We are open, communicative, ready to talk and professional. We will always find time for you. You can find us in the Poznan Technology and Industrial Park.

    • How do we work?

      Accurately and reliably. We know how important is the synergy. We believe that teamwork gives the best results.

History in short


  1. The first success! Winning the international competition in programming of autonomous mobile robots. Technologies used: C ++, visualizations using Qt, video image recognition techniques and positioning objects.
  2. The first major commercial project – participation in programming of portal Frankfurt International Fair „Messe Frakfurt Online”.
    Implementation work lasted 1.5 years at Nionex (Bertelsmann) in Gütersloh / Germany. Technologies used: Java, J2EE, Java Server Pages, HTML, XML, XSLT, SQL, CVS, CMS, Databases: IBM Informix.


  1. Next major project – participation in the design and implementation of very complex, automation and control distributed software. The project was applied in one of the largest steel plants located in the area of Arctic Circle, in the city of Tornio / Finland. There have been involved a lot of international teams including from Germany, Austria, Finland, England and Japan. After implementation phase there was a successful commissioning on site. The project took overall 3 years. Technologies used: C ++, Std, C #, Visual Studio, .NET, Oracle, SQL, database, real-time telegrams TCP / IP, CORBA, XML, UML, distributed systems, HP-UNIX, Crystal Reports, TeeChart, DevExpress, Visualizations technological processes – Qt, integration with ERP systems and PLCs.
  2. Software for semi-automated warehouse management storage of steel bars in one of the largest steel mills in Poland. The solution included a communication with external systems, visualization of the warehouse state, mobile app for crane operators, a program to automatically allocate and control the execution of crane orders, web-based reporting system.


  1. Participation in the design and implementation phase of the control system and visualization in the steel manufacturing plant in Jinan / China. Intelligent, logistic system (Warehouse Management) and reporting. The system consisted of several server processes and software for production line operators, crane operators, technicians, office equipment and management in the form of multi-applications running on Windows.
  2. Participation in the design and implementation phase of control and visualization in a factory producing steel for aircraft and ships in Pohang / South Korea. Tasks: preparation of the system specification, developning and making training of factory workers.
  3. Programming of control and visualization software for a factory in India.
  4. Programming of control and visualization software for a factory located in the Netherlands.
  5. At that time, a number of meetings and training in Germany, China and South Korea had been taken.
  6. In all cases the following technologies have been used: C ++, C # .NET, .NET Remoting, DevExpress, ORACLE, real-time databases, SQL, DevExpress, TeeChart, distributed system, binary data exchange via telegrams TCP / IP, XML, Windows.


  1. Programming several systems – multi-data editor for technologists specializing in metallurgical processes.
  2. Producion reporting systems and decision support system for managers of manufacturing companies.
  3. The online system for agents of the German company offering financial products (insurance policies, stocks). Technologies used: ASP.NET MVC, HTML, jQuery, JavaScript, SQL Server, Entity Framework, JSON.


  1. ITgenerator company joined the Poznan Technology Industrial Park because of the high innovation and professional experience.
  2. Implementation of more than 50 software projects, mainly business mobile applications and web applications for companies and institutions.


  1. To be one of the Europe’s leading companies in the field of professional mobile and web application development.
  2. Delivering the standards for use of mobile applications in business.
  3. Maintain regular and good relationships with our existing customers and the implementation of new projects for them.
  4. Maintaining the dynamics of the company’s growth in the coming years.

Why choose us?

    • Accuracy

      We are professionals. We use the best tools and repeatedly test our products.

    • User-friendly interface

      We take care about UX and user-friendly aspects.

    • Precision

      Applications run exactly as they users expect.

    • Support & Warranty

      We provide assistance at every stage of the project lifetime.

Quality Policy in 15 points

  • The most important for us is the customer satisfaction. Prior to the project, we precisely define its needs.
  • We prefer a teamwork. Exchanging ideas, sharing experience and knowledge is the fastest way to be successful.
  • We use an internal system for reporting issues, which supports not only our employees, but also customers. Thanks to this, we work faster and more efficiently.
  • The response time to emails is a maximum of 24 hours.
  • In our work we use advanced techniques that are used for file versioning source projects. This means that we are able to return to the previous versions of our work. We guarantee data security.
  • We check the quality of our products at every stage, in accordance with the Continuous Integration.
  • All comments of our customers are taken into account.
  • Each product is thoroughly tested. We have ISTQB Certificate (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) and ISO 9001 Auditor Certificate.
  • We use test management systems. This means that the software is tested, and the the report with test results is generated.
  • We document all issues met during our work. We do not repeat mistakes.
  • The customer has the opportunity to review the project at every stage.
  • We are constantly striving to improve the quality of our services.
  • We examine the level of satisfaction of our customers and improving our internal business processes.
  • We are taking suggestions into account.
  • We are encrypting the data. Safety is our highest priority.