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    Best Polish Startups

    Nowadays Central Europe is an engineer of European Union economic growth and offers most amazing success stories. The Polish economy increases over four percent per year, which is the fastest speed in Europe. We should start in 2011 when on the polish market appeared Filmaster, probably at that time it was one of the first Read more…

  • Happy Easter! (6)

    Mobile App Development Process

      Mobile application usage is growing day by day. Developing an awesome mobile app isn’t so easy task. There are a lot of aspects which should be considered during the developing process. Usually business owners as we have already discussed in the previous article cannot decide which platform to choose for their app and developers Read more…

  • Android vs. iOS main picture

    Android or iOS mobile app?

    You have a great idea about mobile app but don’t know for which platform start to build first? That is the question that probably all of the startups and entrepreneurs turn up with. Nevertheless, in majority of cases is better to start building for one platform and then speared it into another. Instagram is a good Read more…

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    8 Surprising Apps for Android

    It’s the end of the era of mobile phones. It’s fair to say that smartphones has taken over the world. Its basic function such as ringing it’s only an addition. Smartphones are no longer just a device to make phone calls and take photos from holidays. Primarily, they are multipurpose tool with countless applications. In Read more…

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    Business apps as a competitive advantage

    By trying to be a tailored to the customers and market needs, companies increasingly turn to the business mobile apps. Move towards mobile solutions can bring considerable benefits for each organization and allows to strengthen our competitive position. The increase in sales of smartphones and tablets has caused a change in finding information, communicating with Read more…

  • All about mobile applications

    IDG Mobile Survey study in 2014 pointing out that more than 82% of respondents have a smartphone. This means that it is worthwhile to invest in new technologies. However, one should take into account the fact that having a smartphone is associated with effective use of all its functionality. Is 82% of respondents know what Read more…