Mobile and web app development

We deliver customised mobile & web solutions


  • Mobile Apps: Android, iOS, Windows
  • Internet Application, Portals
  • Standalone and server-side programs
  • Control & Automation of the production process in rolling mills, steel mills and steel works
  • Visualization of technological processes


  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Industrial mobile computers
  • Touch Panels
  • Servers


  • GPS and Google Maps
  • Portable thermal printers
  • NFC, RFID cards and chips
  • Exchanging data with the server
  • Sensors embedded in mobile devices
  • Camera and photo editing
  • Push notifications

Business, industry and institutions are requiring entities that require unusual solutions. We are able to realize complex projects. Connecting web applications, mobile, desktop, develop innovative solutions. Everything is done to satisfy the customer needs.

  • Mobile Applications

    Mobile application is a software running on mobile devices – tablets, smartphones, data collectors. Modern applications make it easy to work in business, industry and institutions. We are professionals. By creating a mobile application we will ensure that the most important information and useful features are available anytime, under any circumstances, even offline. In addition, we take care of readability, comfortable and attractive graphical interface. Every application is tested before being used. The hallmarks of our team is precision.

  • Web Applications

    Continuous technological development causes that web applications are becoming increasingly popular. The most important advantage of this type of solution is the fact that it runs in your Internet browser like Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer. It doesn’t require any installation or updating process. You just type in an internet adress in and the application is ready to use. Web applications are fast and functional. They can be easily expanded and adapted to the needs of the customer. The possibilities are endless.


In our daily work we use the latest technologies …

  • Visual Studio 2013, 2012, 2010, 2005, 2003, 6.0, .NET 4, C#, C++, Standard Library

    Microsoft development environment. We know well each of its versions. It’s the perfect tool and allows you to shorten the duration of the project. We are able to customize the older projects to current standards. All depending on customer needs.

    Eclipse, Java, JSP

    Integrated development environment, which we use to create native applications for Android mobile system.


    Integrated development environment created by Apple. We use it to create native applications running on iOS(iPhone, iPad)


    Set of ready-to-use components that significantly improve the work on the project.

  • Databases: Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite, Fluent NHibernate, Entity Framework, Primos

    Well known database engienes and frameworks used to access data in the efficient way.

    Crystal Reports

    Development tool of the highest quality. We use it to create queries to databases and generate reports in a graphical way.


    Another set of ready-made components to accelerate the development process. TeeChart has an excellent way to present charts.

    Web Services, .NET Remoting, CORBA, REST

    Framework and libraries used for exchanging data with internal and external systems.

In mobile applications we utilize…

  • GPS

    GPS is well-known all over the world. Its mission is to provide current location and navigation data.


    Electronic labels / RFID cards allow you to read the data by the mobile device to identify things. The technology is used eg. in payment cards (contactless payment feature). Our applications can read, but also write data on the RFID cards/labels. We can store up to 64 KB of data.


    The modern solution that enables communication between devices and data exchange to a maximum distance of 20 cm. The NFC chip embeded in newest mobile devices can read/write RFID tags. It can be used to emulate PayPass cards, for paying in shops or identifying event participants.

  • QR Code

    Graphic matrix graphic symbol. With its help, you can encode up to 4000 characters(like text, internet address, location, contact data and many more). The code is placed/sticked on the object or box. It can be read by a camera built into a mobile device. After scanning the information coded withing QR sign will appear you mobile device screen.


    Notifications appear in the mobile operating system and send personalized messages to the application (eg. a reminder). Notifications are shown even if the application itself is not running at the moment.

    Camera and image processing

    We use the possibility of the mobile device camera. The photos are automatically processed, scaled, compressed and sent in background to the server, if necessary.

When developing web applications we often use…

  • ASP MVC 5

    With this framework we can build web application much faster. The project has proffesional structure and seperated parts like models, views and controlers. It is dedicated for developing business web applications.


    The use of Ajax means that you do not need to overload the website to refresh the data.


    Greatly simplifies the use of Java Script scripting language.


    Data format recognized worldwide. Enables integration with other external products and systems.

  • Bootstrap

    Web applications based on Bootstrap adapt look&feel and functionality depending on the screen size. It supprts Responsive Web Design(RWD).

    Sharepoint 2013

    It is a Microsoft platform used for developing enterprise web applications. Very helpuff by programminbg complex, corporate projects.


    A library used to make remote calls in direction: from the server to the browser.

    HTML 5

    Set of tags used for building websites frontend.

  • We are securing the results of our work using source code versioning systems: SVN. As a result, at any time, we are able to go back to the previous version of the file or to restore all project files in case of hard disk crash.

  • We provide continuous quality of our solutions through tools: TestLink, nUnit, Mantis, Robotium.

Creating dedicated applications: Android, Windows Phone, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, iOS.